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Adaptogen Herbs for Stress

These herbs boost cognition, energy, immunity, and mood.

Immunity: Ingredients For A Healthier You

Elderberry: Available as a supplement, elderberry is antioxidant-rich and contains vitamin C, a known immune booster. Research shows its potential to accelerate cytokine production to help regulate...
Supplements for Immunity

Supplements for Immunity

Along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, targeted supplements are an excellent way to support immune function. Here are some top recommendations. Vitamins Vitamin A and its precursor, beta carotene,...
Medicinal Mushrooms Boost Immunity

Medicinal Mushrooms Boost Immunity

Comprising about a quarter of the earth's biomass, fungi survives in hostile environments, where it encounters disease-causing pathogens much more frequently than plants. "To survive, [mushrooms]...
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